November 10, 2013

Crate Happy Holidays

Hi! I hope your having a great week! My daughter called me today and told me my grandchild is the size of a blueberry lol!!! She continues to be nauseous everyday. Does anyone have a suggestion on what will help that? I didn't have nausea with either of my kids. I feel so bad for her, but the outcome will be worth it!!!
I'm still studying like a mad woman!! I only have three more weeks and it will be all over with a positive outcome ( I hope)!!! I'm finding my groove while make the occasional card for stress relief!! My mind is muddled with statistics, case law, H.R. laws and regulations, OSHA, Federal employment laws, etc...I sure hope my mind retains all of it lol!
Here's another card made with Crate bundled up!

Lots of layers on this one. I never tire of Christmas cards :-)
Well, I hope all is well with you! I miss all your blogs and will be by for a visit soon!! Hugs, Char


Audrey Pettit said...

My gosh, you work the Crate like no other, my friend! This is sooooo adorable! Great layers! LOVE that little snowdude to pieces!
So sorry to hear your DD is nauseated...that is the worst. Not sure there really is anything you can do about it. I was super sick with my pregnancies also. Some people have luck with ginger..and if she can keep at least a little bit of food on her stomach, that could help, too. All that stomach acid churning in an empty stomach makes it worse than ever, although it's super hard to eat when you are nauseated. Hope it goes away quickly!

Jinny Newlin said...

Oh, I totally get the nausea thing ;). REAL lemon drop candies worked like a charm for me. It's also important to eat a little something ALL THE TIME. Soda crackers don't make things worse, but the minute one's stomach gets the slightest bit empty, you're in trouble.

LOVE all the layers on your beautiful, Christmas creation! And such a festive palette, too!

Leigh Penner said...

Oh, this is lovely, Charlene! You are so good at layering!

Emily Keaton said...

That is absolutely adorable! I love all the interesting layers you used. Good luck with all of your studying!

yyam said...

AWwww....this is soooooo cute!
Work hard....almost at the end!

Joyce said...

What a super card with all those fun elements. Good luck in school.

Benzi said...

Three more weeks....ah, almost there! What a wonderful Christmas those Christmas stocking.

Maria said...

Super gorgeous with all those layers, Char! Sweet snowman and love how your placed the little stockings! Sorry to hear your daughter is nauseous. Yes, I agree with Jinny regarding soda crackers. And, placing it beside the bed and eating it right away when waking in the morn may help. Good luck with the studies!:-)

Sasha said...

Such an adorable Christmas card, Char.
I hope your daughter can find something to help her with her nausea problem.
Good luck with your remaining studies. All your hard work will be worth while.....I'm sure! x

~Tammy~ said...

Love all the layers! So fun and festive!