Hi ! Happy Thursday! I hope your having a wonderful week? I have had a very busy week and this weekend isn't looking very restful either. Lots of Birthdays this weekend . Friday night is a party for my Father In Law, Saturday, were celebrating my son's birthday and Sunday is Easter. I wish I would have thought ahead of time and taken a few extra days off, but didn't. But, on the bright side I have booked my birthday cruise in July to Alaska for a whole week!!! The 1st and 2nd day are out to sea and the second day is my 50th birthday....I can't believe that I will be 50!! I booked myself for a spa day...facial, pedicure...etc on my birthday. I'm not sure how I feel about 50. I  suppose it doesn't bother  me to much, it's how fast life goes that bothers me . I'm sure you girls can relate about how fast it goes ...One minute I'm 30 and that's how old my son will be on April 1st.... I keep saying in my head...I can't believe I have a 30 year old!! Sorry girls feeling melancholy :-)
I will be going on a whale watching excursion  in Juneau and a train ride in Skagway . They have a duck bus that goes on land and sea and some city tours. The last stop is Victoria Canada but only for an evening, which isn't enough time to hit Butchart Gardens. I was there years ago and it was spectacular!!! Every flower was perfect and  the water show and gardens were so beautiful! If you ever have a chance to go, I recommend it. ...I will have lots of relaxing time too :-)! I am excited!
My so called friend Laurie :-) is a Stamping up! demonstrator and is an enabler...like I need any enabling...but seriously...I don't need another line of stamps...do I ? But needless to say I fell in love with this set and had to have it :-)

 I also LOVE their embossing folders. They are fairly deep and make for a nice detailed card. Also, if your so inclined it is great for dry brushing, which I do alot lately. In my other life I painted a lot and have found that I miss it and like incorporating it on my cards lately...Makes me feel like I'm still playing in the paint. One of these days soon I am going to try more Mixed Media. I have done some, but haven't shared on here yet.
Well, I think I've rambled on enough for one day :-) I so appreciate you girls and I also appreciated your support, comments, and friendships I've make on this ol' blog of mine :-) Hugs, Char


Maria said...

Ohhh lovely card, Char! Love the chevron design and fab embossing! Pretty doily and twine, too! Huh, 50? And, you have a 30 yr old? Never would have thought you youngster, you! I turned the big 50 a few years ago. Alaska for your bday...how exciting! We went many years ago. It's so beautiful! Yikes! I wrote a book! Happy Easter to you and family, hugs!

Stephanie Buice said...

LOVE it all! Awesomness!

Lisa Howard said...

Thanks for making your way over to my new "home"! It is ALWAYS good to see you pop up in my comments! I am doing really well these days. Finally got through the "c" beast nightmare and living life as normally as possible. We need to catch up via email. I need to know if there are any "juicy" stories you need to share! LOL!

Christie said...

50? No way! None of us ever age past 25 (I wish). Sounds like you know how to celebrate though!
I love how you called your friend an "enabler" so cute!

LOVE your card!!!

Ros Crawford said...

Oh sweetie your birthday sounds fabulous!! We have a duck tour here in Liverpool! Called the Liverpool duck wouldn't you know... and it's fun!
Don't worry ... age is just a number and I have many more over you!
Your card as always is so lovely ... that is a great embossing folder ... and I love the side chevrons!

Audrey Pettit said...

My gosh, what a cool card, Char! I absolutely love the embossing, and love the border you created down the left side. Wow! Soooo fabulous!
And I'm so glad that you have booked yourself a big birthday extravaganza! You deserve to do something fabulous and special. Wish I could go with you!!
Happy Easter, Char! Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend!

Geri said...

NICE, Char...so FRESH! I love it!

Linda R said...

Such a wonderful card. So Pretty. I just turned 50 as well. And I took a cruise as well on my birthday. It was a blast. What a wonderful way to celebrate.


Sue Lelli said...

Wow! A trip to Alaska for the big 50! Trust me, 50 IS FAB and the new 30! I will be 55 in a couple of weeks and I'm with you on how fast it flies by! Anyway LOVE the card! LOVE the embossed BG and the way you made the chevrons! Just Wonderful!