Happy Friday!!

Hi girls! Happy Friday!!! Well, believe or not I'm almost done with the scrapbook room! I don't always have time every day, so I've been doing a bit every nite. It's looking clean! As a matter of fact when it's done i will be afraid to dirty it up lol!!

A friend of mine asked me to make 29 or so cards for a children birthday party. The kids in question are all terminally ill. And the concept behind it is a little boy, age 10 passed away last month from cancer and his B'day would have been this month. So, his parents decided to have a big party for the other kids to celebrate life!. And I'm sure to help them heal :-) I could NOT imagine losing a child. So, I posted a help board on 2 peas and scrapbook.com and the response was incredible!!! I have the cards I need for the party and they are from all over the U.S.and some from other countries! Luzma sent a bunch of cards from Chile and another sent some from Thailand and some from Texas,Florida, Wisconsin, Washington, North Carolina etc...the kids will LOVE them!! But, here's the (I'm losing my brain part).I forgot to post this on my blog!! Of all places to NOT post!! What do they say?? Of all the things I miss the most, I miss my brain!! lol . Anyway , A BIG THANK YOU to all my precious friends in the scrapbook community  that helped me with this party!!!! You don't know how much it means to me!! Stephanie even sent extras....some candy!!!

I will try and post pictures of the cards if I have time this weekend. Here's a little gift bag I made for a friend of mine whose down in the dumps, I hope this will brighten her day! I like how it turned out. Simple and springy!

Hugs! Char


Sandy said...

Very nice work! Now I have to quit so much chatting and try to create something - anything!! But I just do not want to miss your posts!!!!

~Debra~ said...

Very nice! :)

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow! What a heart-warming and amazing story, Char! So, so sorry for all those families. But how wonderful for those parents to throw a big party. And how wonderful of you to get involved. :)
Your little spring basket project is too, too cute. Hope it gives your friend a much-needed pick-me-up!

Christie Bryant said...

What an amazing project...I totally would have sent cards. I'm glad you came up with what you needed, what a lovely thing for the the parents to do.
The card you made is gorgeous!

Deanna said...


Sherry Wright said...

Beautiful gift bag! My heart just breaks for the little boys parents. It's just amazing for them to have the party and how beautiful that everyone chipped in. You rock. :)