Hi Friends! How's your week going? Mine's so busy at work...but busy's good right? :-) My daughter broke up with her current boyfriend of 4 years and decided to do the on-line dating thing. She paid for it for three months and found a really nice guy. So...she's like...Mom do you want to try it? I have time left do you want it? I'm thinking...Nooooooooooooo lol!!! What do you girls think? Have you ever had any friends do it??  And if so how did it go? I can't even think of dating again lol!! I want the perfect guy to just be there lol!!


This card is made using Chunky Hearts from Magistical Memories. I love these hearts!! And I also used Fancy Book Plates . I covered both with paper from Pink Paislee. The card is embossed and then I drybrushed over the top and then sprayed with Clearsnaps Vanilla Shimmer I really LOVE the finish that it puts on my projects!

 And this card has the Magistical Memories "Bubble Tree" I painted it and sanded a bit. The paper is also, Pink Paislee...I really liked this line. I think it was last year but I still have lots :-) That brad that looks orange is actually red...go figure!

My New Years resolution is to USE UP MY OLD PAPER, or at least try!! :-)

Have a great week!! Char


Deanna said...

Wow... you make me want to get going on the Vday schtuff!

Mar said...

Gorgeous cards Char. I really love the 1st one, very valentinesy!! Mar

Annette said...

Beautiful card Char, I love it! If I was single, I would do the on-line thing, you go girl! I think its alot better to meet someone on-line than in a bar or something, at least you can screen them and back out via email without ever having to meet them. Theres no obligation unless your absolutely sure you want to meet. By then you've see photos and know each other's life story so it would be fun to meet them in person! It worked for your daughter, it can work for you too! Best Wishes, I hope you meet Mr. Wonderful! Hugs, Annette

JustYolie said...

I love your valentine card!! Very pretty. Give it the online dating a try ;)

Audrey Pettit said...

You are so good to be working on Valentine's projects already, Char! I can't seem to get my rear in gear for that kind of thing yet. :) Love both of these cards. The MM pieces are so fun, really love that bubble tree. And I totally adore that PP line, too. Still have some of it left myself.
Good luck to you on the online dating thing. I think if you're open to trying it, go ahead and give it a try. You just never know.

Suzanne said...

Frist, you know I love the cards!!
Second, I will tell you a little secret. My brother would be angry if I shared this! LOL
He met a lovely person using an online site, and he now has a beautiful girl with her. The second is on the way!! My brother-n-law also recently married a woman he met online!!! So, my answer to you, is GO FOR IT!!!!
Wishing only the best for you! Please fill us in with the details, of course! LOL
Have a very happy day!