Remember When

How was your weekend? Mine was relaxing. I didn't get alot of scrapbooking done, but that's O.K.... needed the down time. :-). Made this card last week with Graphic 45. I love their Boardwalk line..very vintage and the colors are great!

This little guy was out in the front yard at a friend's house. He wasn't afraid of me, so I ran and got my camera. And he graciously spread his feathers for the picture (What a ham!!! )

And these guys were in the water taking a swim with Mom. My friend Trudie lives on the river and every year Mom comes into her yard to sit on her eggs. I saw them when the hatched and their getting so big. She lost two of them from predator's :-(.

Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Char


Jocelyn said...

Oh that card is JUST ADORABLE!!! Love the Graphic 45!~!!

Oh this pics are just them....I cannot believe these creatures were in the front yard!!! How lucky!!!

Wishing you a great week!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

What an adorable vintage card Char!! and that bird is gorgeous!!!

Deanna said...

So fun Char!

Audrey Pettit said...

Love, love your Graphic 45 card, Char! Isn't that line absolutely fabulous! So fun to see it paired with a bit of Webster's trim. ;)
How cool to have a peacock in your yard. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Annette said...

Your card is awesome, very vintage, I love it!! Wow, that is so cool that a peacock was in your friends yard, what a beautiful bird. I have always wanted one to roam around the property but the dogs would have it for dinner!
Hope you have a great weekend! Hugs, Annette

Heidi Van Laar said...

Oh my word!!! That card is SO gorgeous!!

(-: Heidi