News to share!

I'm back!! A little tired but a lot more educated!! I always have a great time doing Tim's classes. He's a nice guy and as you all know....very talented!! He taught us how do do transparencies. WOW was that cool!!! I was thinking about a little demo because you can use pretty much any picture and create your cool is that? And that metal box was so much fun! We created our own book and then embossed the metal and made the book...And ,my mind was thinking WOW this would be cool on even a card or LO, or whatever your making...I need to get some supplies and I will share if your interested?

And back in June I tried out for Scrapbook Heaven's design team and made it!!! I will be on the Design team with Beatriz Jennings as a card designer!! I'm very honored!! And the other ladies on the DT are so nice and very talented!! I will be starting in July...July 1st will be the card reveal!!!

I want to Thank all of you so much for all your encouraging words!! It keeps me plugging along !!! Your the best!!!


Lisa T. Howard said...

So glad you had such a wonderful experience this weekend! I would love to see the tutorials you are thinking of posting. And a big CONGRATS on the DT!!!

Regan said...

OMG SOOOOOO awesome Char!!

Liszha said...

Wow, you did a class with Tim. Not jeaulous at all! ;-)
I love the card with the postcard you made.
Congrats on getting on the DT. What an honour and appreciation for your work.
Demo's? Please!

Deanna said...

Definitely interested! :)

Awesome news Beatrice rocks! Have fun!

Annette said...

CONGRATS on being selected for the Design Team, you are major talented and so deserve it! Can't wait to see your future creations!!