Hi ! How was everyone's weekend? Mine was happy and sad at the same time. The Happy part: Watching the girls!! They are getting so big and Jasmine was so cuddly!! Liberty slugged me in the face with a huge Lego and laughed! She will be 1 next month...I can't believe it!!

The sad : This Father's day was so sad for me :-( . I'm missing not just my Dad but my Mom as well. I was teary eyed all weekend and that's usually not me. Life is so different when your parents are gone. Love and enjoy them while you have them!

So needless to say I wasn't in a card making state of mind either....God I'm a mess :-) Hopefully I will get my 1st kit from scrapbook Heaven today and make my 1st set of cards for them. Yeah!!

Here's just a little owl card I made last night. My daughter has the cutest pajama bottoms with these guys on them, so I sketched it and pieced him together.

Have a wonderful week!! Char


Deanna said...

Totally cute! So sorry to hear you were sad yesterday! :(

Lisa T. Howard said...

You are THE most talented card maker I know! That being said, I am so sorry you were struggling this weekend. I can't imagine. Thank you for the reminder to love them while we have them! Hugs to you!

Liszha said...

This card is absolutely sweet. Such a beautiful combination of colors.
I can understand that Miss you were the words that were suitable for your state of mind.
I feel sorry for you that you have to go through this and will take your words serious and enjoy my parents company as much as I can.
Honey, be sad as much as you need to be, that is what moaning is all about. You need it.

Liszha said...

P.S. I became a follower!

Ingrid said...

OMG.....this card is 'owl' so CUTE. Stunning!! I am sorry to hear you had a hard time on Father's Day. I can't imagine what it is like to miss your parents.


Lisa Dorsey said...

Lots of hugs Charlene! I can only imagine how hard this weekend must have been. Your card is adorable. I just adore him.

Annette said...

This is too adorable! Sorry to hear you had a rough weekend, I'm thinking of you my friend.

Danielle said...

Oh so adorable!! I love this card! Sorry you are feeling down..I can't imagine how you must feel. Did you see your star on the MF blog today? Congrats!!

Regan said...

big hugs to you..I can't imagine

that card is the BOMB

Jessica said...

Super cute! I love owls my bubba has a T-shirt with a couple on it, I've been trying to draw them for ages. Will sit down and have a serious go tonight lol you have inspired me! Love your work
take care xx

Hanne said...

This is so cute!

I am so glad I found your beautiful blog! I would like to link from my blog. Hope that is OK:)

Have a wonderful day!