Just a quick post..

I've learned a few things..NEVER garden with your daughter, and chase grandkids all in the same day !! She kicked my fanny transplanting rose bushes, and by the time we chased kids and ran around in the front yard blowing bubbles ..... I'm pooped!!! I am so sore I could hardly move last night!! Boy am I out of shape!! But I guess I dont feel to bad because she's 27 and sore too!!

Here's some picture's of Jasmine running around chasing the bubbles and stepping on them. She was laughing so hard and having a great time!! She had bubbles on her from head to toe!!

And here's a picture of Libby ! Man, is she getting big!!

Have a great Sunday!! Char


Charlene Austin said...

They are SO cute!! And wow...where do you live that you have green grass and the kids can wear shorts. We just got another 6 inches of snow the other night. It's getting so depressing here and the only green I can see is if I pull out some cardstock in my craftroom.

Annette said...

What precious little angels! Jasmine looks like she is having so much fun with the bubbles. You are so lucky to be gardeing so early! I am thinking of planting some tomatoes in the next few weeks though, I don't think we are going to have any more frosty nights here, at least I hope so! Have a wonderful week!