Much needed rest!

Hi ! I've been on a much needed vacation! I didn't get to go to the coast....because of the weather :-(. But reversed my plans and went to San Francisco, and Berkeley to the largest scrapbooking store in the bay area!! I then turned around and drove to Sacramento to Green Tangerines, which is a very nice store too!! I got some wonderful goodies!! I will be back soon with a project I made from the class I took from Wilna. Words can't describe how awesome her classes were. If you ever get a chance I highly recommend it!! :-)

I came home last night and was watching the news and there was a terrible accident. Someone ran a stop sign and there was a fatility. They didnt release names.....but today I found out it was someone I know. It's very tragic.....she was on her way to the store....It was raining hard and the guy realized that he ran the stop sign and sped up to try and miss the cars and didnt make it. It really makes you minute your here and the next gone...So hold everyone you care about close and love them with all your heart.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentine's!!

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