I am TRULY blessed....

For having such wonderful friends....and that means you :-). It seems like in our life we are lucky to have a handful of true friends and I have that ....and then I have met some truely wonderful women on my blog and visiting other blogs :-) There are so many talented crafter's out there who give of themselves in sharing there creation's and that is truely awesome!! I just want to say Thank You!!

One of those friends I'm taking about is my friend Tasha. She is 26 and she has an extremely rare cancer....It's T-Cell Lymphoma/Leukemia and it's non-hodgekins. She is in Intensive Care on life support, as she got a blood infection from her port and also pneumonia. She had just finished a chemo treatment and her body's imnune system was already comprimised . I am so worried about her........so please send her good thoughts today , or a little prayer
:-) Her name is Tasha...

Here's a quick card I made before I head out to watch the Grandbabies....they are so wonderful!!

Thanks for visiting!!! Char

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